Side boom stacker




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Main Structure

A side cantilever stacker is mainly composed of the cantilever frame, the unloading belt conveyor, the traveling mechanism, the pitching and luffing mechanism, the tail car, etc. A rotary cantilever stacker also has a rotation mechanism with large bearings. Commonly used stacking methods form hill-shaped piles and prism-shaped piles.


The traditional manual push-button control system is replaced by an Ethernet-based fieldbus industrial PC control system for intellectualized management of stacker reclaimer featuring unattended operation, self-diagnostics and remote monitoring. ANSYS finite element software and Proe simulation software were applied to optimize steel structure design with more natural 3-D motions is more similar with stimulate real working conditions. A number of proprietary and patented technologies are adopted. Besides, all hydraulic systems are tested in our high-performance hydraulic test station that is more similar with real working conditions and ensuring proper functioning. The integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems helps realize full automation and intellectualization. By renovating a traditional industry with high and new technologies, the side boom stacker represents the state-of-the-art technology in the industry.


Mainly applied in reclaiming coal in stock yards as one of the most important devices in the production system of power plants, coal mines, metallurgy works and chemical works.
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