Boom type bucket-wheel stacker cum reclaimer


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Main Structure

A boom type bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer is built on a boom frame structure, which is composed of the bucket wheel mechanism, the rotary mechanism, the belt conveyor, the tail car, the pitching and running mechanism, etc. This type of equipment usually works in two modes namely stacking and reclaiming. Those with only reclaiming function are called bucket wheel reclaimers.


Steel structure design optimized with ANSYS software, cutting-edge environmentally friendly and energy conserving design, state-of-the-art hydraulic technologies including Vickers systems; German Flender Hard tooth face reducer drive technology; Advanced PLC control system; Video flow rate monitor helps increase feeding efficiency, reduce energy consumption, prevent overload, improve system safety and lower operator’s workload, thus avoiding man-made accidents, reducing starting/stopping times of stacker reclaimer while shortening run-on time with service life of the equipment extended and user’s demands met; Sophisticated lubrication system helps reduce maintenance workload; Comprehensive after-sale service and timely supply of spare parts ensuring continuous operation.


Mainly applied in stacking/reclaiming coal and ore in stock yards as one of the most important devices in the production system of power plants, steel works and ports.
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Hot Line:86-411-84732111

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