Bridge type bucket-wheel reclaimer




50t/h-2000t/h; 50t/h-1500t/h
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Main Structure

The main differences in structure between bridge type and gantry type bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers: a bridge type bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer does not have a gigantic gantry, and its bridge is fixed at a lower position and not movable; meanwhile a bridge type bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer does not have a stacking belt conveyor nor a tail car; in front of the bucket wheel there is a rake fixed on the trolley.


Bridge Type Double Bucket-Wheel  Reclaimer is designed to meet steel and metallurgy industries for large handling capacity and material homogenization effect. Steel structure design optimized with ANSYS software, cutting-edge steel structure design, state-of-the-art hydraulic technologies including Vickers systems; Hard tooth face reducer technology from Flender (Germany); Advanced PLC control system; Sophisticated lubrication system helps reduce maintenance workload; Comprehensive after-sales service and timely spare part supply ensuring safe and normal operation.


Mainly applied in reclaiming material in homogenization stock yards as one of the most important devices in the production system of power plants, mines and steel plants.
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Hot Line:86-411-84732111

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