Circular type stacker cum reclaimer


50m / 60m / 70m / 80m / 90m / 100m / 110m / 120m


50t/h-2000t/h; 50t/h-2500t/h
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Main Structure

A Circular stacker-reclaimer is mainly composed of the stacker and the reclaimer. The stacker mainly consists of the cantilever stacker belt conveyor, the central column rotary mechanism, the hydraulic luffing mechanism, etc.; while the reclaimer includes such components as the bridge, the scraper conveying system, the rake system, the end beam traveling mechanism and the electric control system, etc.


By replacing vertical kiln-based wet process lines with large-sized new type dry process lines, cement industry embraces a new mode of production that reduces pollution, protects environment and saves energy with high quality and high efficiency. This change has imposed higher requirements on pre-homogenization of materials and stock yards. Accordingly, we renovated our traditional stock yard stacking/reclaiming installations by applying a number of new technologies including modernized and optimized design, intellectualization and integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems On the basis of drawing some ideas from advanced products and technologies developed abroad. The result is our new series of stacker and reclaimers that meet the requirements of dry process lines on cement pre-homogenization.


Mainly applied in stacking/reclaiming limestone, clay, coal and auxiliary materials in stock yards of building material industry.
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Hot Line:86-411-84732111

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