Site Installation and After-Sale Services

Differentiated services, integrated with a unique "affection" concept, to achieve the continuous upgrading of customer satisfaction. We pay great attention to the customer's on-site service, with more than 40 professional on-site service senior engineers. Precision control installation, testing and commissioning, operator training etc. In every aspect , SDA can strive to fulfill their duties.
In the whole process of delivery, installation, commissioning, regular visits, the service mechanism continues to be improved, meantime, we also set up a portfolio for the user to make a full understanding of the operating conditions of the equipment. Strive to create greater customer economic value and social value. Until now SDA has offices in Shanghai, Dalian, Xinjiang and other places, which can provide more efficient service for customers.
We provide customers with not only high-quality products, but also advanced service concept and a wide range of technical support. It is the customers' demands that make us be able to survive and develop, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
Service commitments:In case of any problems during operation, if needed, our commitment to be available at site within 48 hours.
Site service features:Site service with a highly specialized quality is a key feature of our service, and our on-site engineers, who have expertise in all SDA products, are there to serve our customers.

Main tasks :
(A) Operation Services      
(B) Site installation     
(C) Testing and commissioning      
(D) Technical Support  
(E) Operator training

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