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Headquartered in Hi-Tech zone of Dalian city, Dalian SDA Industries Co., Ltd. (SDA) was incorporated in Dec. 2001, with a registered capital of CNY 60 million, who has developed into a large-scale professional enterprise in the supply of bulk material handling equipment nowadays and been a high-tech enterprise with contract abiding and credit worthy recognized by the state and Class-III qualification for mechanical and electrical installation. So far SDA has established manufacturing bases in Dalian, Shanghai and other cities, covering a total area of nearly 200,000 square meters with an annual production capacity of more than 40,000 metal tons. As of today, SDA has a total assets of CNY300 million and sales revenue exceeding CNY500 million.

SDA will always adhere to the development policy of “focusing on innovation, building a first-class enterprise and creating a world-class brand”. Meanwhile, by carrying forward the business philosophy of “integrity, customer-orientation, quality and innovation”, we will expand SDA brand’s footprint worldwide, revitalize Chinese national industry, assume our social responsibilities and create more value for our customers. SDA has an ambition to be a trustworthy supplier of bulk material handling equipment solutions.


Corporate culture

  • Management Principle:Focus on economic benefit, promote the level of the national manufacturing industry, provide customers with satisfactory products and service
  • Quality Policy:Constant improvement and innovation, provide customers with satisfactory products and service
  • Environmental Policy:People Orientation, Prevention First, Prevent Hidden Danger, Health, Safety。
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy:Create the harmony between human beings and nature。
  • Mission:Create value for the society and customers, provide staff with development space。
  • Spirit:Credit, Innovation, High-quality, High-efficiency。
  • Style:Down-to-earth, Excellent。
  • Ethics:Fairness, Credit, Gratitude, Harmony。
  • Employment:Competition tells more than selection
  • Core Values:Do well in work and life, Unity, Cooperation, Quality Changes Life.

Honors and Awards

Since its incorporation, SDA has manufactured over 2,600 sets of bulk material handling equipment of various model and specifications. Today, SDA has its products covering all the country and some overseas markets. Our product performance is among the top levels of similar products, and our technology research development, design, manufacturing and installation quality are in the leading position in China.

Research & Development

In 2015, SDA set up a city-level Technology Center, and put research development efforts under direct supervision of General Manager and Deputy General Manager. The senior management pays close attention to research development, while the grass-roots level ensures strong execution. Over the years, we have developed and refined our research development organization management method, which clearly defines relevant roles, responsibilities and process. On the other hand, SDA has a complete and effective intellectual property management system, which now includes 97 licensed patents. In SDA Technology Center, the well-known conclusion that “science and technology are the first part of productive forces” has always been taken as the standard by the research development team. Every year SDA attracts and trains new talents for its workforce to forms a talent pipeline combining employees of all ages. At present scientific research personnel make up 35% of SDA workforce, and those with medium or senior titles account for 75%. SDA has established long-term research development partnership with many universities and research institutes in China.
SDA’s leading products include blending stacker-reclaimer series for circular stockyards, blending stacker-reclaimer series for longitudinal stockyards, ship loader series, vertical mills, roller presses, belt conveyors and other series. Our 42 products are widely used in eight industries such as cement, mining, port, power, chemicals, metallurgy, etc. In recent years, by importing, upgrading foreign advanced technologies and making them SDA’s proprietary technologies, we gradually improved product performance and expanded product lines. Some of our products are among world’s best in terms of performance.

At present, the company has 97 authorized patents

Quality Control

While developing rapidly, SDA highly emphasizes his product quality, which adequately demonstrates the product quality in the stable operation of 2,600 sets of equipment supplied. Superior quality has become one of our core competitive edges that ensure our survival from market competition.
As early as incorporation, SDA deemed the enhancement of product and service quality as the foundation of development. For this purpose, SDA set up a product quality center to monitor and control product quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. Another fact is that 10% of our employees are testers has many years of testing experiences with medium or senior engineer titles. As a result, we were accredited by quality management system in 2002. Under the guidance of comprehensive quality management concepts, we introduced many advanced supervisor modes and instruments in an active manner to realize PDCA control over each process step specified in quality control programs prepared for individual projects. For each project, we have clearly defined goals and plans for implementation, and we have strict inspection for continuous improvement. By carrying out an accountability system that covers all employees, all process steps and all key factors, we successfully obtained CE accreditation with improving product quality and enhanced quality control. Beginning from 2007, SDA products are exported to the United States and the European Union, which proves that SDA has made a great leap in quality.


Quality qualification

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